Can You Handle The Sick Beats?

Yo, DJ Stridenasty here laying down sick beats for you all. So go on ahead and plant your ass down right here, or shame globes or whatever the fuck you trolls call them, in the sweet ass pad of Stride. Make sure to hold onto your hats kiddies because this'll be one crazy ride~

( Alright, this is my sad attempt at a Dave rp blog/account that was made mostly because of a friend of mine. Sorry in advance if I'm horrible, I've never rped Dave before so this is going to be a learning experience~ Feel free to talk to me/ask me questions/whatever else you can think of, I don't bite. )

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Police Force At Its Finest

"Oh I know." You reply teasingly, it definitely wasn’t normal that you were relishing all the attention you were getting just from your interesting little crossdressing fetish hobby but since when were you ever considered normal? Oh that’s right, never, and you fucking loved every moment of it “I know it’s difficult but try not to swoon too hard there, wouldn’t want you to pass out from over-excitement.”

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    "I suppose you’re right, it’ll just have to be a risk I have to take with you Miss Pyrope." Limbs are wrapped around...
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    "Mister Strider I’d never trust my virgin lips with another, you’ll just have to try." she insisted casually, grinning....